The media has been all over the story of the NY Times hypocrisy in favoring Islam while criticizing Catholism. Mark Steyn at NRO here, Daily Caller here, Volokh here, Business Insider here, Human Events here, [More]
Support our Troops Rally at Colorado Christian University. Sarah Palin and Lt. General William Boykin were guest speakers. http://rainoutreachtv.com/category/god-save-america/
Jonathan Bernis interviews Scott Thomas, lead pastor at Free Life Chapel in Lakeland, Florida, about his connection with the Jewish roots of the faith. Plus Jonathan discusses Jeremiah 29:11-13 in part two of his teaching [More]
Walid describes what he found when he read the bible about 666 http://rainoutreachtv.com/category/god-save-america/
April 29th, 5pm, Dearborn, Michigan AFDISIOA, VAST to Host Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference in Dearborn, Michigan at Hyatt Regency Yahoo News NEW YORK, PR Newswire: The prominent human rights organization American Freedom Defense Initiative [More]
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President of the Southern Baptist Convention, Bryant Wright, joins host Jonathan Bernis in this weeks program. www.jewishvoice.org http://rainoutreachtv.com/category/god-save-america/
muslimbrotherhoodinamerica.com Have you ever asked yourself why, despite more than ten years of efforts –involving, among other things, the loss of thousands of lives in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, well-over a trillion dollars spent, [More]
Joel Richardson shares about a new documentary from Iran that proclaims: "The Messiah is about to appear!" But the Iranian Messiah revealed in this movie actually describes the Biblical Anti-Christ! The implications are enormous in [More]
2008prophecy conference, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. Walid Shoebat Former Muslim and PLO Terrorist, now born again Christian and ambassador for Christ, speaks on end times prophecy and bible scripture from an eastern point of view. [More]