Christian author Joel Richardson asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about Jesus Christ’s (pbuh) second coming

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Christian author Joel Richardson asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about Jesus Christs (pbuh) second coming and how to find good churches in Frisco TX. JOEL RICHARDSON: Okay thank you. With regard to Jesus; you have said “in my view the prophet Jesus has already returned to the earth but he is hidden. He is obliged to conceal himself because of the terrorist and political attacks he would be exposed to. However he too will emerge in the very near future and together with the Mahdi will embark upon his intellectual struggle.” Do you believe that when Jesus return he will abolish Christianity as we know it today, do you believe that he will abolish the doctrines of the trinity of the divine incarnation of the Messiah as well as the Christian doctrine that the Christ was crucified died resurrected and sent to heaven? ADNAN OKTAR: The essential belief in Christianity is the Oneness of Allah, belief in the hereafter, justice, the idea that Allah will provide justice. It is loving Allah and being careful over what is lawful and unlawful. It is treating people well. These are other matters, the belief in Trinity and other things. If with the coming of the Jesus, if it undergoes a change in the sense we are familiar with then Christianity would return to its former perfect state. It will return to its original form. According to our beliefs, it will return to the true Christianity. Again according to our belief, the original and the true Bible will also be found in that time. Maybe they will examine it using the Carbon 14 technique or <b>…<b>


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