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This should break you heart if you are a christian. We are all members of one body with Christ as the head. I only post this to say stand up for Christ, be bold suffer for His cause and be not ashamed, because my question is…How come Muslims defend there religion more then christian`s do today in the west? We follow a God of love and peace yet we are are greatly persecuted around the world. Where is the outcry? Look at the world today. Why is it if the name of Jesus offends someone we are to so call "respect" there beliefs and shut up! when Jesus is love! Where are the churches? More churches in America will accept gay or lesbian ministers then to speak out against it. Yet in these country`s men die for not giving up there faith. Yet America shuts up out of fear or passivity. This is spreading and will soon be here in America just as the Bible proclaims. We need to prepare, we need to be as strong in Christ as these brothers and sisters who are truly persecuted are. We need to be ready to face this in our own lives even if we never have to experience it, while praying for the speedy return of our Bridegroom and His Holy Judgement on those who persecute Him and His church. Please pray for them daily! Have your church pray for them, tell others spread the word as we are all one in Christ and may the prayers of the martyrs reach the alter of God as i am sure they have. Imagine the closeness they have with Jesus, meditate on it and may it bring us closer to Him and make us <b>…<b>



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