Former model turns Missionary and Evangelist – conversion testimony

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Mario St Francis was once a fashion model who is now a missionary who travels the world speaking to audiences about Jesus Christ and being proud to be a Catholic Christian. His travels have taken him to 4 continents, over 15 countries, 75 cities, and he has addressed groups in 3 languages on his own and others he speaks to with a translator. All on a mission to bring Christ to others… to as many as possible. "From Hollywood to Holy-wood", it is a diverse mission including being a big brother to youth to working in film productions and PR. Regardless of what it is, the mission is to bring the light, life and love of God to others. To share what was given. To "Pay it forward". To GO out into the world and preach the Good News of Jesus Christ. Now dedicated to a life for God he not only travels but he frequents the Sacraments as much as possible. He attends mass almost daily, reconciliationconfession bi-weekly, he strives to pray the rosary daily and reads faith enriching books and more. We all have that call to live for God, it is at the root of our very existence. If not now, when? If not you, who? If not for the Kingdom of God, then what for? www.MarioStFrancis.com – www.YouthInEurope.com – www.Catholic.com



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