FOX and Friends: Pamela Geller Discusses "Stop the Islamization of America"

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Go to SIOAbook.com and get this must read. Fight Islamic supremacism Stop the Islamization of America: A veteran freedom fighter pens groundbreaking guide to defending our nation An insightful and innovative new book offers the fruit of a veteran national activists years of experience fighting back against Islamic supremacist efforts to erode our freedoms. In Stop the Islamization of America, renowned activist Pamela Geller offers the fruit of her experience as the national leader of the fight against the Ground Zero mega-mosque and of numerous other initiatives to defend freedom against the encroachment of Islamic law. She offers practical, tested, effective guidance on how freedom lovers can stop jihadist initiatives in local communities. Stop the Islamization of America will be released by WND Books on September 6. It comes at a time when Islamic supremacists are demanding ever more accommodation of Islamic principles and practices, and growing ever more aggressive in eroding our freedoms — with politically correct public officials only too happy to oblige them. This book offers proven ways for Americans to fight back — lawfully, peacefully, and effectively.



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