James Lafferty at AFDI’s " Islamic Law in America" CPAC 2012

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(7 of 8) James Lafferty of VAST ( Virginia anti-Sharia Task Force) is introduced by Robert Spencer of AFDISIOA and JihadWatch.org. This video has been edited to remove remarks that have been willfully misconstrued by Leftist news sites. James Lafferty said in a statement: "My CPAC speech has drawn great attention from the leftist blogs and CAIR. In reality, I do not condone, advocate or support any violent or vigilante action against mosques or any other building or any individual, and I am a firm believer in the free exercise clause of the First Amendment and in the rest of the Constitution." Members of the panel spoke on the Obama Justice Department, which is not just tolerating but actively aiding the assertion of Islamic law in the US and the primacy of Sharia over US Law. There was also time for a few questions from the audience The purpose of was panel is to encourage the efforts of many who are already fighting to stop the Stealth Jihad and to show other Americans perhaps new to this struggle, what we must do to preserve our Constitutional Freedoms.



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