Joel Richardson Mideast Beast Book Trailer (3 min)

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"I am firmly convinced that Islam is the single greatest challenge the Church will face before the return of Jesus, yet most are still either asleep or in denial." Mideast Beast completes and establishes the revolutionary argument introduced in Joel Richardsons New York Times Bestselling Islamic Antichrist, namely that the Antichrist will be a Muslim, whose empire will arise out of the Middle East. Whereas most students of the Bible have long held that some form of humanism or universalist religion would catapult the Antichrist to world power, Mideast Beast: The Scriptural Case for an Islamic Antichrist systematically proves from that the long awaited system of the Antichrist is even now before us and knocking at our door. Through a highly scholarly, theologically grounded, yet simple presentation, Richardson thoroughly corrects the objections of critics, establishing beyond a doubt, the Biblical case for an Islamic Antichrist. With large segments of the Christian missionary movement embracing a heretical method of outreach to Muslims known as "Chrislam" or "The Insider Movement", Mideast Beast cuts to the core of the matter, revealing the true nature and origins of Islam. After finishing Richardsons work, you too will be convinced concerning the challenge of Islam to the Church. Some topics covered and questions answered: –What about Psalm 83 & Isaiah 17? –Is Gog of Magog from Russia, or somewhere else? –What role does the nation of Turkey play? –Answers to critics <b>…<b>


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