Mr. Adnan Oktar explains to Joel Richardson the ascension of Prophet Jesus

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Mr. Adnan Oktar explains to the Christian author Joel Richardson how the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) was ascended beyond time and space JOEL RICHARDSON: There is numerous theories suggested by Muslim scholars so in fact when we look at the reality it is Islam that has only conjecture to follow where as Christianity has numerous Christian as well as many non-Christian historians that attest clearly to the fact in fact this is one of the most solidly established facts of history that Jesus in fact did die on the cross. So I guess my question to you is as a scientific thinker as someone who someone relies often on reason on facts and evidences, how is it that you are able to deny such a significant demonstrable portion of history? ADNAN OKTAR: The Prophet Jesus is different to the other prophets. That is clearly seen in the Quran. He is an extraordinary person. His miracles are most extraordinary. He resurrects the dead, for instance, and he shapes mud into the form of a bird and when he blows onto that bird shaped clay the bird flies away. He is such an extraordinary individual. So it is out of question for a handful of worthless people making such an extraordinary person cry out and strapping him onto the cross. Jesus (as) is an exceptionally special prophet under the special protection of Allah. On account of this, the person who gave him away said: "He is in that room, I will show him to you." The Roman troops took him and he led them as the squealer. This was the 13th <b>…<b>


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