Muslim Student Group a Gateway to Jihad?

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This same is happening in England, supported by far left liberals within student unions. These far left liberals are anti-Semites who follow Godwins Law. If you dont agree with their anti-Semite views.. they call you a Nazi, what a joke! August 29, 2011 – WASHINGTON – The Muslim Students Association, or MSA, is one of the largest Islamic organizations in America, with chapters on hundreds of college campuses. Its alumni include doctors, lawyers and engineers. But the group has another track record that it doesnt advertise: several of its leaders have been convicted of terrorism, prompting some terror experts to call the MSA a recruiting tool for jihad. Although many Muslim and liberal groups complained about recent congressional hearings on homegrown Islamic radicalism, American-born Muslims are behind a growing number of terror plots — a trend that Attorney General Eric Holder has said keeps him "up at night." Many of these homegrown jihadists once belonged to the MSA, which has thousands of members on college campuses throughout the US and Canada. www.cbn.com ——————————-



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