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  As a reminder of our ,   “Congress proclaimed days of fasting and of thanksgiving annually throughout the Revolutionary War. A proclamation by Congress set May 17, 1776, as a “day of Humiliation, Fasting [More]
Spirit of Finney – Spirit of John the Baptists – Spirit of Elijah – Outpouring for Todays’ day of Evil!
Laying an Apostolic Foundation of Jesus Christ 1
Antichrist and the The BEAST of The Bible II
Confessions of Faith – Weapons of Warfare – Victory for the Mind Intro
Executing the Written Judgments Intro and Confession of Faith for Strength of Mental and Emotional Stability  
Confessions of Faith – Overcoming Depression and Heaviness
Confessions of Faith – God Imparts Hope to Anchor your Soul and Faith  
Confessions of Faith – the Peace of God Imparted
Confessions of Faith – Imparting the Overcomes Victorious Spirit