http://rainoutreachtv.com/blessing-store/ (Tx 15 Oct 09) Canadian Pastor Don Richardson is not only well-known internationally as an Evangelist, but also as a teacher, Bible translator, artist and author. He wrote his famous book Peace Child about [More]
Confessions of Faith – the Peace of God Imparted
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Recommended buys: Full DVD with three hours of Walids teaching on prophecy: www.shoebat.com Book: Gods War on Terror – Islam, Prophecy and the Bible www.shoebat.com ooo OOO ooo Biography of Walid Shoebat Born in Bethlehem [More]
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(7 of 8) James Lafferty of VAST ( Virginia anti-Sharia Task Force) is introduced by Robert Spencer of AFDISIOA and JihadWatch.org. This video has been edited to remove remarks that have been willfully misconstrued by [More]
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