John 16:8 And when He has come, He (Gods the Holy Spirit over gods temple Individually and corporatly) will convict the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment: Titus 1:9 … by sound [More]
CBN News Chief Political Correspondent David Brody delves into whether there is really a war on women waged by the Republican Party. Guests include Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, one of the top Republican House members [More]
liar Walid shoebat makes up hadith to make money ,then ahmed deedat shuts up this cross worshiper http://rainoutreachtv.com/category/islam/
UPDATED TO ADD: While I applaud CUFI for standing up against atheistic socialists, Communists, and leftist anti-religious kooks– the enemy of my enemy is my friend– I also suggest taking them with a grain of [More]
This week on The Brody File: one on one with Joe the Plumber. Plus, Rick Santorums reluctant endorsement of Mitt Romney makes the Brody File scratch its head, and more… The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN [More]
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COMING TUEDAY, APRIL 24 at muslimbrotherhoodinamerica.com Have you wondered why, for over ten years — despite countless man-years spent waiting in airport security lines, over a trillion dollars spent, the loss of thousands of lives [More]
Retired Lieutenant General William G. Boykin responds to Dont Ask Dont Tell Legislation, American Family Radio, AFR Talk, American Family Association http://rainoutreachtv.com/category/god-save-america/
This should break you heart if you are a christian. We are all members of one body with Christ as the head. I only post this to say stand up for Christ, be bold suffer [More]
Part 2. Joel Richardsons second appearance on "Its Supernatural!" with Sid Roth, gives a more in-depth examination of Biblical & Islamic prophecy concerning the end times, including Mystery Babylon. For a more in-depth look at [More]