Prayer Evangelism @ Desert Winds & Silver Creek Apartments

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Breakthrough Prayer Ministries is organizing and facilitating its 14th three phase Missionary, Evangelistic and Ministerial "Event" at Desert Winds and Silver Creek Apartments in Jacksonville, Florida. Phase I "Prayer Evangelism & Event Flyer Distribution" took place on January 22, 2011. Prayer Evangelism is basically following after the evangelistic pattern Jesus set up in Luke Chapter 10 where He sent out 70 regular disciples to use His name to win lost souls by sharing the Gospel, blessing households, healing sicknesses and delivering lost souls from the powers of demonic forces! By the way, these passages of scripture entail one of the only times the bible records that Jesus REJOICED in spirit over the obedience of His disciples.(Luke 10:21) Phase II will take place at the same location on Saturday January 29, 2011 and involve serving free food, distributing free new and used clothing, preaching the Gospel Message and leading lost soul to Christ and giving away at least $1250.00 worth of grocery gift cards in $25.00 increments compliments of Crossroad United Methodist Church. Phase I (Prayer Evengelism & Flyer Distribution) involved a Holy Spirit lead prayer over each and every unit in both complexes. This spiritual work was performed by 12 Holy Spirit filled Christians from 8 Churches and Ministries of numerous races and varying denominations as follows: 1. Breakthrough Prayer Ministries 2. Central Christian Baptist Church 3. Crossroad United Methodist Church 4 <b>…<b>



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