Sid Roth-New Joel Richardson on Islam 1.m4v

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Joel Richardson was hand-chosen by God and given a special revelation about End-Time Bible Prophecy. Through his teaching you will connect the dots and be shocked at the mysteries he unfolds from the books of Daniel and Revelation. Find out who the Anti-Christ could truly be and what role Islam will play in the Tribulation. Part of transcript. SID: Joel Richardson, I believe was hand-picked to understand End Time Bible prophecy revelation. As a matter of fact, Joel, your wife had a prophetic word before you were even married. Tell me about that. JOEL: She had a woman that was praying over her with a significant prophetic gifting, and one of the things that she said was that youll marry someone that will release significant new understanding into the End Times to the body of Christ. Now when she said that to, shortly after we got married, I thought, how can I release information about something that I have no understanding. This is not something that I can make happen, so if thats gonna take place its gonna be something that the Lord is gonna have to release. SID: Okay. So then you go to a meeting with 7000 people, and with 7000 people a prophet is speaking, and guess who he picks out to prophecy over? Joel. Did you know he was going to pick you? I mean, 7000 people. JOEL: Sitting the shadows of the back row of this massive auditorium, he called my wife and I out by name. SID: By name. Did he know you? JOEL: No. SID: Okay. (Sid Roth allows everyone to spread whatever he <b>…<b>


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