The Two Titanics by Dr. Bill Haag

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Missionary Evangelism Russia, Cuba, Mexico, India, etc. (850) 626-4944 Dr. Bill Haag 6024 Kingswood Dr. Milton, FL 32570 Blog drhaagblogspot.com – To be a partner with Bill, go to his blog and click on the Google ads which will help fund his plane tickets for upcoming missions. http billRhaag@yahoo.com en.wikipedia.org RMS Titanic. Leonardo DiCaprio Kate Winslet Jack Dawson Rose DeWitt Bukater, RMS Titanic Olympic-class passenger liner the White Star Line Harland and Wolff Britannic Some of the most prominent people in the world were travelling in first–class. These included millionaire John Jacob Astor and his wife Madeleine Force Astor; industrialist Benjamin Guggenheim; Macys owner Isidor Straus and his wife Ida; Denver millionairess Margaret "Molly" Brown; Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon and his wife couturiere Lady Lucille Duff-Gordon; George Elkins Widener and his wife Eleanor; John Borland Thayer, his wife Marian and their seventeen-year-old son, Jack; journalist William Thomas Stead; the Countess of Rothes; US presidential aide Archibald Butt; author and socialite Helen Churchill Candee; author Jacques Futrelle, his wife May, and their friends, Broadway producers Henry and Irene Harris; silent film actress Dorothy Gibson; and others. Also travelling in first–class were White Star Lines managing director J. Bruce Ismay who came up with the idea for Titanic and the ships builder Thomas Andrews, who was on board to observe any problems and assess the general performance <b>…<b>



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