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Bill Clinton was called our first "Black President," so is Obama then Americas first Muslim President?! Guest Frank Gaffney tells all. Follow us: www.politichicks.tv http www.twitter.com www.patriotupdate.com http www.youtube.com Shop: www.patriotdepot.com PolitiChicks.tv – A twice-weekly [More]
Christian author Joel Richardson asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about Jesus Christs (pbuh) second coming and how to find good churches in Frisco TX. JOEL RICHARDSON: Okay thank you. With regard to Jesus; you have said [More]
A former Muslim talks about the dangers of Islam with the prospective of Christianity. For the record, my name is Walid Shoebat. I used to be a radicalized Muslim willing to die for the cause [More]
This is a clip from my interview with Erick Stackelbeck, author of The Terrorist Next Door and producer for CBN. BOLD | FEARLESS | ENGAGING NewVoiceofRadio.com Also dont forget to visit my always updated my [More]
2008prophecy conference, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. Walid Shoebat Former Muslim and PLO Terrorist, now born again Christian and ambassador for Christ, speaks on end times prophecy and bible scripture from an eastern point of view. [More]
John Garr joins Jonathan Bernis to talk about the Hebraic blessings. Plus, Jonathan Bernis discusses Gods plan for your life. www.jewishvoice.org http://rainoutreachtv.com/category/god-save-america/
This week on The Brody File we head to Indiana, where we take a closer look at the hotly contested GOP primary fight between Sen. Dick Lugar and his opponent, Richard Mourdock. .. The Christian [More]
jootube.tv Champion for individuals rights under Islam, Pamela Geller, criticizes liberal (particularly fellow Jewish liberal) groups which avoid criticizing oppressiveness and supremacism when under Islam (both internally and towards others). Human-rights champion Pam Geller remarks [More]
This same is happening in England, supported by far left liberals within student unions. These far left liberals are anti-Semites who follow Godwins Law. If you dont agree with their anti-Semite views.. they call you [More]