Church in the Air Boca Raton Florida

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Church in the Air Boca Raton Florida Live Events Broadcasting is based on Eastern Standard Time.
Also take advantage of our christian life center.



Church in the Air Boca Raton Florida
Church in the Air West Palm Beach
Church in the Air Boca Raton.

When looking for churches near me in Boca Raton, Florida,
finding those churchs near me just got easier.
We have found a great answer. We have some exciting news to tell you.

You can get a Live Stream wherever you are as long as you have internet access. We come through portals such as Facebook Live, Youtube Live and even Periscope.

Another reach out rather than have you researching through a multitude of places and getting disjointed and sometimes wrong information we have and continue to put resources together through our christian life center.

Things pertaining to being Born Again, what Born Again Christians are really about and the Born Again Church Experience can be like.

Our goal is to assist you to grasp an understanding about anything from Born Again or what it means to be a born again christian or how to find a born again church. Not only that, but to lay a foundation of christian life.

Proclaimed the Kingdom of God and Taught about the Lord Jesus Christ
We look to present the things concerning the redemption in Jesus Christ the Messiah of Israel and all mankind.
Acts 28:31 Boldly and freely he proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ. Berean Study Bible

We hope to teach the things concerning Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God to you unmolested by using these mediums.

Access the christian life center Boca Raton Florida resources

Get access to all the christian life center Boca Raton Florida resources with no charge. These resources we will have available through different mediums tools to give you a better understanding. We will give you these through pre recorded video, video library, audio files, written articles, ebooks, study manuals and encouragement and scripture memes as well as online live events.

Finding churchs near me answered
Your finding churchs near me search has been answered. It is fulfilled at your finger tips.

Welcome to Church in the Air Boca Raton Florida

We welcome you to church in the air live and hope to walk this journey together for some time. We know that in time some will move on as they find the specific path with knowledge to stay safe and go on to greater pastures.

In His Service
and Yours
Truly and Sincerely

Your Place to Discover the truth about the Christian Life through Church in the Air Live and the Christian Life Center Media

Rich Thomas
Foundation Layer of Redemption Apostolic International Network a Missions orientated Evangelism and Teaching Ministry


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