On November 9, 2011 at Convocation, North Americas largest weekly gathering of Christian students, Liberty University honored our nations servicemembers and veterans in a special convocation service that featured Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, an original [More]
Please visit: www.islam-guide.com Or www.turntoislam.com Islam = submission to god. Exodus-ch-10-vs-3 So Moses and Aaron went in to pharaoh and said to him: this is what god of the Hebrews has said, how long must [More]
2008prophecy conference, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. Walid Shoebat Former Muslim and PLO Terrorist, now born again Christian and ambassador for Christ, speaks on end times prophecy and bible scripture from an eastern point of view. [More]
Robert Wolff joins Jonathan Bernis on Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis TV show. www.jewishvoice.org http://rainoutreachtv.com/category/god-save-america/
This is The Brody File interview c=with Newt Gingrich conducted Tuesday January 24th 2011 in Tampa Florida. http://rainoutreachtv.com/category/god-save-america/
Clip from February 18, 2011, The Rachel Maddow Show where Rachel showcases the goofy (but dangerous) paranoid rantings of Glenn Beck, the antichrist "prophet" Joel Richardson, and Fox News (aka Republican State Television) trying to [More]
Sign up for the Faith Under Fire Conference today: faithunderfireconference.org Moody Radio Chicago: www.moodyradio.org http://rainoutreachtv.com/category/god-save-america/
August 21, 2009 – Lieutenant General Boykin informs us concerning current issues from the United States perspective and encouraging American Christians to fight for their faith. http://rainoutreachtv.com/category/god-save-america/
Frank Gaffney appeared on Fox Business News to address remarks made by Vice President Joe Biden to Newsweek. Biden stated that "the Taliban per se is not our enemy." http://rainoutreachtv.com/category/god-save-america/
Frank Gaffney of Center for Security Policy in Washington, gives straight-talk about defense policies and budgets currently in review – to Republican Party Animals gathered in Hollywood. Introduced by Republican academic, Larry Greenfield. http://rainoutreachtv.com/category/god-save-america/
www.csw.org.uk Countless Christians and religious minorities live under the cruel grip of some of the worlds most brutal REPRESSIVE REGIMES. Join the CRY FREEDOM campaign to call for change in North Korea, Burma, China, Cuba, [More]
http://rainoutreachtv.com/blessing-store/ Adventist aviation brings hope and healing to the people of Papua New Guinea and other South Pacific mission fields. 2008 http://rainoutreachtv.com/category/preaching-christ/