www.RescueChristians.org www.shoebat.com Walid Shoebat and Rescue Christians launch infomercial to raise awareness as well as funds to save the lives of 300 families in immediate risk in Pakistan. All supporters who wish this informercial to [More]
Just before the 2008 ROW Annual Dinner, ROWs own, Papa Jon sat down with keynote speaker Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry Boykin of Kingdom Warrior Ministries (www.kingdomwarriors.net) to discuss his book Never Surrender and his ministry. [More]
This is so Powerful, so Packed – I wanted to share it in its entirety…. this is a must read.. Americas Government is Infiltrated More than Even Before with the Obama and Clinton Tag Team [More]
Frank Gaffney speaks at a press conference held on May 23, 2011 at the National Press Club in Washington DC in support of Israel and in response to the Presidents recent remarks. More details are [More]
20 Sept, 2011 – Hundreds of millions of Christians have suffered discrimination or even persecution in lands as diverse as China and India, but mostly in countries where Islam is the top religion. Despite this, [More]
http://rainoutreachtv.com/blessing-store/ (Tx 15 Oct 09) Canadian Pastor Don Richardson is not only well-known internationally as an Evangelist, but also as a teacher, Bible translator, artist and author. He wrote his famous book Peace Child about [More]
Confessions of Faith – the Peace of God Imparted
Prophecy http://rainoutreachtv.com/category/islam/
UPDATED TO ADD: While I applaud CUFI for standing up against atheistic socialists, Communists, and leftist anti-religious kooks– the enemy of my enemy is my friend– I also suggest taking them with a grain of [More]